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Friday, June 24, 2005

She Unlimited magazine says that GETTING HIP is detailed and reader friendly

The Review Diaries

Getting Hip: Recovery from a Total Hip Replacement by Sigrid Macdonald

She Unlimited Magazine Review by Veronica Marie Kettler

Getting Hip by Sigrid Macdonald is a delicate story of one woman, Sigrid Macdonald ,and her beginning to end on a road to preparations and recovery from a total hip replacement. This book is a source of beneficial information for anyone who is searching for the facts about hip surgery. The information in this book can help to answer questions about total hip replacement, revisions, hip resurfacing, and preparations. It is an astounding book on hip replacements and how it transformed one women’s life.

If you are in need to have hip surgery you can view this book in the and see as the author's life was transformed by a hip replacement, you will read a disconcerting biographical story with hints of uncompromised choices, empathy, and compassions with an underlying candor to dowse the phobia. Unbelievably there is a diversity of women out there suffering from arthritic deterioration that are in need of a total hip replacement before the age of 50, not something most of us as women expect.

With a user, reader friendly book and a full detailed outline and journey to recovery her story proffers comic like candor and understanding for those facing a possible hip replacement. It offers such useful tips that deal with more than the physical aspects but also psychologically tips for coping through hip surgery. The book is so detailed from consulting with the first surgeon to waiting for surgery. The books touches on such diversity with each interview Ms. MacDonald conducted and each individual has a unique situation that brought them to the final decisions of having to have a hip replacement.

The book is written so well that it leaves you with a sense of relief and somehow the phobia subsides. Ms. Macdonald gives it that personal touch that many need when awaiting such decision making when we are dealing with our own bodies. The book is a must read for those in similar situations, the writing is done with compassion, significance, and humor.


Blogger Tatyana Tanika said...

It is a "must have" book to everyone who is facing hip replacememnt or similar challenge. This book instills hope that there is always a way for recovery.


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