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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Cheryl Driskell gives GETTING HIP two thumbs up!

Book Review by Cheryl Driskell

January 2005

Sigrid Macdonald
Getting Hip

Ottawa area author, Sigrid Macdonald, has found a way to make total hip replacements “Hip.” Her book is a personal journey through hip injury to wellness, fostering awareness and a new attitude. Macdonald put her experience of total hip replacement to print and is now being received by countless readers as a caretaker of “hip” impressions and witticisms, in the face of profound pain and suffering.

Having been unable to find reading materials that would help guide her through the journey of hip injury and its profound consequences, Macdonald knew she was in need of putting her writing skills to work. Macdonald is a woman with a strong sense of social justice, and the writing flare and humor of both a wily protagonist and side-slapping friend. Team these with her ongoing personal exposure to the medical system and you will have found the inspired person to write a critical review of the personal hip replacement experience.

Macdonald makes it clear that to receive the overall best outcome you need to be prepared. Getting Hip will prepare you. Macdonald notes that The Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation states that more than 37,500 hip and knee replacements are undertaken in Canada each year and the number is rising annually due to an aging population. In her late forties at the time of diagnosis, Macdonald was unprepared to accept that she was in desperate need of a total hip replacement. This makes her story all that more compelling as she examines the many options available prior to hip replacement surgery.

Exhausting pain and a final reality check of her circumstances led her to then bring herself up to speed of the possible complications and advantages of receiving a total hip replacement. Her investigations are in-depth and she is clear about the necessity of knowing the various pre and post-operative needs you will have.

All your concerns are warranted and Macdonald has guaranteed you a front row seat to this drama where you can either remain in the shadows or come out and take charge of your own process. Like Macdonald, the reader can go from helplessness to empowerment, when prepared with invaluable information. It is safe to say that this writer has provided answers for even the most obscure questions, while concluding her writing with the experiences of a dozen other individuals from around the world having also experienced total hip replacement surgery.

Like me, you will be able to find Getting Hip at either, Coles, Mother Tongue Books, Chapters (local authors section) or through I may not be in need of hip attention now, but I’m holding on to my copy; this is the resource I’d want to have near…just in case.

Cheryl Driskell is an Ottawa area writer and former Executive Director of the Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario.


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