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Friday, May 27, 2005

D'Amour Road is spellbinding!

After I published GETTING HIP, I decided to try my hand at fiction. I had been writing nonfiction ever since I was a teenager. My new novel, D'Amour Road, is about two women in Ottawa who are turning 40. One of them goes missing and the other launches a massive search to find her friend; she works in conjunction with the police, her colorful women's collective and a younger man whom she finds particularly captivating.

D'Amour Road was just released and is available as an e-book or a 6 x 9 paperback from

Here is the first review of D'Amour Road, written by Joan McEachern, a former teacher at Algonquin College, an avid reader, and a member of two different Chapters' book clubs.

"I started this book at 9 a.m. and finished it at 7 p.m. To say that it held my interest is an understatement. The author uses a personal experience to weave a tale that is both riveting and spellbinding. The details of the Ottawa and Aylmer/Hull backscape are accurate and add in making this adventure real. I felt I was tracing the steps of the principals within the city. A valiant attempt for a first novel. Cudos to Ms. Macdonald."


Blogger Dannye Williamsen said...

In an auspicious debut novel, D'Amour Road, Sigrid Macdonald draws the reader into the free-flowing associative thinking of Tara Roberts, whose mid-life crisis is punctuated by a desperate search for her best friend, Lisa, her life sponsor, the one to whom she turns when she trips over life. Lisa's disappearance drives Tara headlong into the complex psychological and social dilemmas that define her mid-life crisis.

With stunning originality, Macdonald thrusts readers into a non-stop ride that explores both the mundane and the soul-stirring themes that color the human landscape. In a well-conceived metaphor, Macdonald establishes D'Amour Road, the road of love, where Lisa's car is abandoned as the focal point for the search for Lisa as well as the psychological search for Tara. Beginning with doubts about everything, Tara's search ends in certainties that are rooted in love and trust in herself­certainties that transform the old age of her youth into the youth of her old age.

Review by Dannye Williamsen

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