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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Peter Nixon calls this the best book out there!

A great book on Total Hip Replacement, December 29, 2004

Reviewer: Peter Nixon from Canada

I read this book 9 months after having simultaneous bilateral total hip replacements. In my opinion, it is the best book out there that documents what those in need of a total hip replacement are experiencing, from the onset of the symptoms of hip pain, to the procedure itself, and through the recovery process. I wish I had known about this book prior to my surgery, and during my recovery.

Most helpful to me was the point that was made that there is no "gold standard" for recovery, and that, while all patients will experience much of the same in terms of the recovery process, we will all require different amounts of time to recover. The book is an easy, fun read. I was constantly reminded of events that I had experienced over the previous 3 or 4 years, preop and postop. At the time I would wonder if I was the only person to have had those feelings. It was great comfort to me to know that my experience was not so out of the ordinary as I had once thought. Two thumbs up!!.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Ottawa Seniors declares that GETTING HIP is a "must read."

Ottawa Seniors Newsletter December 2004

Hip Replacement? If any of you or your loved ones has just or is about to go through a hip replacement, then there is a book by local author Sigrid Macdonald that is a must read. Find out the mistakes that can be made and the best tips and tricks to ensure any unnecessary suffering or problems are avoided. You can read more about Sigrid's experience and how to get the book by going to the Articles/News section of the website or by searching for "Sigrid" in our Services Directory.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Getting hip in Norway

I am a 40 year old woman living in Norway. I had my first hip surgery 14 years ago. I had bilateral surgery called "Salters Osteotomi", but I still had some pain in my right hip after the surgery. As time went by(?) I got more and more pain. To make a long story short I had a new surgery four weeks ago:"Birmingham hip resurface".

I always felt a bit alone concerning my hip-problems. Some days before my last surgery I found the book "Getting hip" at the internet. As sone as I was able to (some weeks after the surgery) I started to read it. I am not used to read books in English, but this book I just had to read!

Reading the book "Getting hip" made me more confident in a way. The history of Sigrid and my own hip history is different in many ways, but we also have a lot in common. After reading the book I felt I got more perspective on my own situation.

My 15 years old daughter read some of the book while I stayed at the hospital. I guess she was a bit more prepared getting her mother home from hospital. When she vistited me at the hopital she was a bit proud telling me things from the book.

I've two kids (age 5 and 15). The oldest girl was 1-3 years old last time I had hip surgeries. The only thing I miss in Sigrids book is someone telling about having smal children/hip problems. Its a challenge!

I gave the book five stars. I think It would be nice to have a book like this in an Scandinavian language (Norwegian, Danish or Sweedish)

Norway, 17.dec 04